Why do woman wear Extensions "Weaves"

Many Woman have their own reasoning why they prefer to wear extensions. Meaning they wear it because they have a choice! Do you really think women of other nationalities aren't making the same choice?Of course they are
Many races wear weave, even Caucasian woman wear weave! Not only do black women wear it weave is everywhere lol. I think that it is a symbolism of their culture. not all african americans were born in africa, but the culture of hair weaving came from there.
Most woman with curly hair, short hair or even kinky haired woman wears weaves because of versatility. Some woman feel that their type of hair is much harder to maintain, being more sensitive and easy to breakage whenever it's washed or styled. Hair weaving for them causes their hair to be easier to maintain-not needing to wash it properly, comb, and change style frequently, and it's stylish for their culture.
Women..in general, wear weaves for different reasons. Beyonce wears a weave because she has a very active lifestyle. She wants to protect her own hair from the harmful affects of frequent hair style changes. African American or African women have the STRONGEST hair on the planet when it hasn't been damaged by styling products and excessive straightening or heat . So...with that said...WEARING A WEAVE IS MERELY BY CHOICE...NO MATTER WHAT NATIONALITY.
We as AA women wear our hair in weaves and extensions for various reasons. But it seems to me that most of the people answering are not even AA. The reason is the same as why other cultures like to see their hair in a different style. We like change as well! Other races wear weaves as well, should the question be that those races just wanna look like us?

Musicians, like Beyonce, wear weave to protect their hair. They have to change their hairstyles so much, it is better to have a weave or wear a wig than to burn out the hair.
Weave can be easier to handle than your regular hair to maintain. But it could also be just as much work BLENDing the natural hair with the texture of the weave. I feel women want to have long, hair in general and refer to a weave to accomplish that want..
I Prefer wearing weaves due to my active lifestyle and feel that it is much easier to maintain. My hair is long and many have stated to me that I shouldn't wear weaves. But... I love Extensions and can't let go.
Beautii J.

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  1. Vincent Jones cause some girls hair is really bad and the extensions look much better
    Tuesday at 5:39pm ·

    Caleb C. Roché So they can be pulled out lol jk
    Tuesday at 5:42pm ·

    Samantha Banks Some women go for a certain look that only a weave can give them in oppose to styling their own hair. And like Vincent says, some women's hair is really bad and weaves look better. Then there are those women who appreiciate the versatility they get from a weave.
    Tuesday at 5:47pm ·

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    Danie StyleDivah Wilks because we want to..lol
    Tuesday at 5:51pm
    Krystal Antoine I wear wigs because it is the most convenient thing in the world!!!
    Tuesday at 5:58pm · ·

    Darcell V Smith Everyone is not blessed with manageable hair. ...I wear my real hair most the time...and weaves occasionally. ..but my friends allways say if I. Had ya hair I wouldn't wear weave....
    Tuesday at 6:43pm · LikeUnlike
    Beautii Pat. Joseph
    ‎@ Vincent You're right to a certain degree, but we wouldnt call it really bad lol. I would say extremely damaged and unmanagable, so yes one option would to wear a weave

    @Samantha. I agree

    @Danie some woman just love the versatility so weari...ng a weave is just an option. Right

    @ Krystal: YES TIS IS.. agreed

    @ Darcell: I get that comment alot from friends too, but my busy schedule is one of the reasons I wear weaves and having the option to be natural or weavable is all up to use. that's the Beautiful Part about it..

    Thank you all for the great comments. Please visit my blog www.beautiij.info and follow for more trends and awesome Topics. Beautii :-)


thanks for the Comment..BJ

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